Bydand was established as an investment group with interests in commercial property, agriculture and Australian equities by Michael Gordon, following the listed trade sale of the Peppercorn Management Group Ltd in 2004.

Peppercorn managed over 575 child care centres and had been involved in the establishment of various corporate structures in the child care sector, including unlisted trading trusts and a listed trading trust, as well as consolidating management right income within the industry through major transactions with two listed companies in Australia and New Zealand.

The company’s areas of activity include:

  • Property – Commercial, Rural & Residential.
  • Unlisted equities - Direct or Equity Partner arrangements
  • Listed equities - Australian Equities, strategic and mid-term hold
  • Structured Finance
  • Asset & Project Management - Agriculture

The management of these investments is undertaken by a team of professionals with broad experience in operational, commercial and corporate investment activities.

Bydand Management is the operating entity for the Group administration and management functions.

Bydand Holdings is the property holding entity for all Group land and buildings and acts as the holding entity for all other group companies. Property investment and development activity has focused on agriculture, commercial, retail and industrial exposure via direct investment, equity holdings and structured finance facilities.

Bydand’s agricultural operations are conducted in Bydand Pastoral and include aggregations in South West Queensland and Central New South Wales, with a focus on beef and sheep/wool production. It also provides management services to the agricultural sector, leveraging off its own experience in operating the Bydand pastoral portfolio.

Bydand Capital conducts the group commercial activities, including the acquiring or taking equity positions in privately owned companies to place into its private equity fund. The objective of the fund is to generate long term yields where an exit strategy is not a pre-requirement.

Implementation of these acquisitions will be determined by opportunities that compliment the existing operational base and expertise. These have been identified in the following sectors;

  • Sales and Distribution Sector
  • Services Sector
    • Management services (Bydand Agriculture Pty Ltd)
  • Finance Sector
    • Structured Finance (Bydand Capital Pty Ltd – associated entities)